Bopalopia is a mystical realm accessed from the Black Forest. Magical purple mushrooms appear from time to time within the Black Forest; eating one transports the eater to a random location within Bopalopia. This realm is populated by fairy-tale creatures and has an overall "WTF" feel about it. A main quest centers here in Bopalopia, completion of which results in a permanent line added to the player's HONOURS list: "He/she has restored song to Bopalopia!"

Bopalopia is considered a different plane; people in Bopalopia cannot see people on the main continent through farsight, the WHO command, cannot communicate through tells or hear mortal shouts, and are essentially cut off from humanity.

The creatures populating Bopalopia include:

  • The Hippie Mushroom People of Mushroom Forest
  • The Militant Squirrels of the Bastille Tree
  • The Fighting Beavers
  • The Evil Jackalopes of Hildabroom's Army
  • The Ducks, Geese, and Chickens of Fowl Manor
  • The Accountant Cows
  • The Evil Hildabroom the Witch
  • Sir Piggly the Pig Knight
  • Frogtima the Prophet Frog
  • Connie Vore, the Lion Cook

and finally,

  • Lispethia, Crown Princess of Bopalopia.

Most of these creatures are involved in the main Bopalopia quest, and can also be fought and killed.