Leader Ariettie
Patron Neraeos
Tutor Indalecio
Guardian Blu
Allies Caer Witrin
Enemies none
Houses Wardens of the Cerulean Spire, Mojushai, Arcane Kindred, Ty Beirdd

Cyrene, Heart of the Vashnars Edit

Cyrene, known as the "Heart of the Vashnars", is located deep within the southwestern Vashnar mountains as a haven for refugees fleeing from the endless Wars that have ravaged the continent ever since time immemorial. Established before the days of Nicator and Seleucar, this city has, for eons, been isolated from the rest of Sapience, until a terrible event exposed them to the outside world.

History Edit

When the "Other" threatened the existence of Sapience and brought freezing cold to the entire world, a blue dragon long thought to be extinct flew from the highest peaks of the Vashnars and descended into Cyrene. This dragon was named Ainghaeal, and upon descending into Cyrene the dragon started to terrorize the city and its citizens, devouring those who were in his path. The dire situation of the Cyrenians became even worse when Lord Sarapis finally split Achaea and cast out the "Other", causing a great earthquake which collapsed all of the secret passages into Cyrene and cut them off from any possible help that might go their way. The terrified citizens, usually leading a passive lifestyle, called out for help. Their combined cries were heard all throughout Sapience, and adventurers were quick to answer, forming hunting groups and running to the citizens' help. These adventurers lay waste to Ainghaeal, and soon, Cyrene was revealed to the world. Losing its entire governing body, its citizens asked Lady Czanthria to become their new Imperiate, and thus the Cyrene we now know is born.

The CityEdit

Cyrene was rebuilt by its citizens on the principle of respect for others, and the houses of Cyrene strongly defend their city and their beliefs. Known to tend to sit upon a fence, the citizens of Cyrene mostly follow neutral-good paths. People who aim to cause chaos and pandemonium are not welcome in the city, such as those who follow the Occult or the path of the Infernal Knight.

The City's layout is fairly simple. There is only one entrance to the city, through a high pass in the Southwestern Vashnars and into the City's Gates. The Gates then open into Centre Street and Centre Crossing, a major intersection which links the three main streets of the City: Bard's Way, the road encompassing the northern fringes of the City; Ruminic Avenue, the high-profile avenue passing through posh homes and the famous Dancing Boar Inn; and Centre Street, which cuts through the center of the City and ends in the steps before the Imperium. To the North lies the Mojushai's Hold. To the South can be seen several places of interest: the marina of Cyrene in which a smattering of shops and a harbour under construction are visible; the Prosperian Theatre, host to the many plays and performances by Sapience's most talented; Ainghaeal's Nest, the Arena of Cyrene; and most importantly the Pantheon of the Gods, where the statues of all the Gods can be seen. To the east is the Lyceum, where Indalecio patiently teaches all those who wish to learn from him. And finally, the center of the City is composed of the Imperium, the Cyrene Savings Bank and Post Office, and the Courthouse of Cyrene, where Jorj, the chief city cleaner, waits to pay those who do him the service of exterminating the City's rodents.

Three houses reside in the city: The Arcane Kindred, devoted to the study of the Elements; the Mojushai, a closely-knit community of citizens believing in the principles of Humility, Strength, and Benevolence; the Ty Beirdd, Cyrene's House of bards, artists, poets, and authors; and the Wardens of the Cerulean Spire, who watch over the city's safety with the City Guard. The City is located deep in the southwestern Vashnar Mountains; Lake Muurn bounds its southern borders, and a river flows west to the ocean through a cavern said to be inhabited by a terrible monstrosity named Khulhedra. The fabled Forests of Aalen can also be reached from these caverns, if only one can find the secret tunnel leading to it.

The City Ranks and GovernmentEdit

The city ranks are:

1. Citizen

2. Peer

3. Noble

4. Marquis/Margrave

5. Duke/Duchess

6. Lord/Lady

7. Council: Senators

8. Ruler: Imperiate

The current City Leaders are:

Imperiate: Verrucht

Senators: Verrucht, Fendo, Anicetus, and Nicca

Ambassador: Eril

Minister of War: Rinzai

Minister of Security: Voc

Treasurer: Mioswen

Steward: Chryseas

Minister of Trade: Lisbethae

Chancellor: Roselie

Minister of Cultural Affairs: Arianis

Minister of Development: Elaina

Minister of Maritime Affairs: Syth