Eleusis, Home of the ForestalsEdit

Found in the heart of the Ithmian Forests, Eleusis is a communal forest village bound to the earth. No walls bound this city; instead, the City relies on its remote location and its natural camouflage to protect itself. There is practically no trade and commerce in this commune; a few traveling peddlers supplement the commune with rare goods, however: bakers, forgers, candlemakers, and glassblowers sell their wares to the village's inhabitants.

Eleusis is founded on the immense desire to protect the forest and tend to it, and those who love the forest as well. It is a perfect community for peace-loving forest folk, a place to relax and be one with the forest.

The City stretches up on the treetops and down below the ground, and it can be noticed that there are absolutely no artificial structures inside. There is no wall; instead, the very trees will come alive in times of war and defense.

                             "River, forest, sky
                         And ye with Nature at heart
                             Come together here"