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Allies to be filled
Enemies none
Houses Serpentlords, Spirit Walkers, Sect of the Black Lotus, The Merchants of the Crown

Hashan, Crown of the Ithmia Edit

Found in the heart of the Ithmian Forests, the city of Hashan rose from a humble village into a refined metropolis in which the diverse interests of her republic are supported by its unity. A city of timeless and unwavering tenacity and fortitude, Hashan has remained strong as the only truly unaligned city in Sapience, serving her own interests before all others; not even the Divine can disrupt her autonomy and independence.

Often misunderstood by others as a city of apathy, Hashan is, on the other hand, a city of independence. Under the Great Canon of Hashan, their legal system, the well-being and advancement of her citizens comes before the city, and the achievement of their aspirations and desires will always come first.

Within the walls lie the City's defining element, its Houses: the Cult of the Serpentlords, the mysterious Spirit Walkers, the honour-bound monks of the Sect of the Black Lotus, and the ever-enterprising Merchants of the Crown.

With each passing year, the Crown of the Ithmia continues to survive and pull through any hardship, shining onward into the future in the face of all adversity.