The year 395 A.F. marked the conclusion of one epoch and the birth of another. Sarapis, the Logos, who had overseen all Creation since the beginning of Time itself, merged Makali, the Goddess of Destruction, and Maya, the Mother of Humanity, into one being: Maya, the Great Mother. Imbuing the new Goddess with His own power, He passed on to Her the mantle of Supreme Creator of Achaea.

Maya, the Great Mother, exists at the fount of all Creation. Reality as it is experienced through ordinary consciousness can be ultimately understood as a manifestation of Her fundamentally creative energies. The multiplicities and complexities of Creation belie their origin in the same Source, and this illusion is called the Veil of Maya.

Her favoured animal is the Great Grey Owl, and it is said that She sometimes appears in its form, seeing through its eyes.