Mhun, hailing from their racial home in the underground mining city of Moghedu, the origins of the Mhun have been lost to mortal knowledge, though it remains largely unexplored outside the Mhun race, and some intrepid explorer may yet discover it. However, there are theories that they are derived somehow from early human stock, as they closely resemble humans, albeit a tad smaller and more agile. Though they are often perceived as being primitive, this is perhaps nothing but cheap racism, as few understand their culture. The Mhun played an important part in history, having provided the bulk of Nicator's army as he led it to end the ages-old war between the great cities of Shallam and Ashtan.

A Mhun's base statistics are:

  • Strength 10
  • Dexterity 15
  • Intelligence 12
  • Constitution 11


  • Have a racial language, Mhun.
  • Recover balance more quickly, level 1.