Born of the seed of Chaos and War, Pandora is the girl-child of twins born to Eris and Aegis after Their marriage, the first in Immortal history. Her twin brother was stolen to another Realm by Lord Slith, of Chaos War fame and Their father, Aegis gave chase, disappearing from the reach of the Gods of Achaea. Pandora has grown up, the golden apple of Her Mother's eye, left to run riot around Achaea. She began to play tricks on the strange mortal creatures who, to Her, seemed frail and amusing. The kind of child who pulls the legs off craneflies to watch them flutter around uselessly, Pandora's capers escalated abruptly, when She took a precious artefact belonging to Sarapis while He was away and ran rife turning people into maggots, cripples and mutes. Her over-use of this artefact caused it to fuse itself into Her hand, making it necessary for Sarapis to amputate Her hand at the wrist on His return.

Angry, but also amused by Her activities, Sarapis branded Pandora with the title 'Goddess of Mischief' so that mortals would know their peril when She was near. Having been severely chastened by losing Her hand, and pulled into check by Her Mother, Pandora is now the patron of all who are fun-loving, enjoy toppling the structures of conformity and can orchestrate a good prank.

Her symbol is a silver hand, modeled on the one constructed for Her by Phaestus.