Once the priest Maran La'Saen, Pentharian ascended as the God of Righteousness through the combination of his mortal being with the Divine power of the sleeping God Deucalion by will of the Logos. He later absorbed the essence of the departed Lady Aurora, taking on the mantle of Light as well as Righteousness. Altered due to an encounter with Abbadon, Pentharian now patrons the sphere of Valour, although He still maintains a watch on His former Sphere.

Ever vigilant against the forces of Evil, Chaos, and Darkness, the Lord of Valour is a champion of Good and Light. Promoting Honour and Valour, He stands against any who would seek to do harm to the innocent.

Although He can be lighthearted and compassionate with those who follow Good, He has an extremely short temper and a no-nonsense attitude with those who display disrespect, immaturity, and idiocy.

The Divine symbol of Pentharian is a star of swords and maces laid against a golden disc engraved with mystical runes.