Once an Elder God who fought in the Chaos Wars in the beginning of time with His dreadlords, Shaitan spent nearly two centuries joined with the god Apollyon in the form of Sartan, God of Evil, in a metaphysical union that only another Divine could truly comprehend.

Returned to His former self, albeit changed in mysterious ways, Shaitan has taken on the title of the God of Oppression. The savage face of Evil takes full manifestation in Shaitan, who seeks to quench His bloodlust on any who stand against Him. He is contemptuous of less than direct methods in His pursuit of greatness, preferring raw power over deviousness: an axe to the throat over parleying with words. Domination over the weak and advancement of the flesh and spirit, at whatever cost, are His. Between He and the Suffering One, the Seven Truths of Evil are upheld.

A fierce and primeval God, Shaitan favours warriors, exulting in the carnage of the battlefield and ruthless slaughter. Those who seek Him must be prepared for a demanding and pitiless Master indeed. One who is not utterly devoted to the path of domination over the weak and advancement of the flesh and spirit would do well to avoid the path of this Horned God.